A place of warmth and comfort

Weston Park SnowGot up at silly o’clock this morning, looked out of the window and observed a complete lack of any new snow. Not quite what I was expecting given the dire forecast. Checked the BBC weather site which informed me it was snowing. Hmm. Turned to Ben Marsh’s Twitter powered #uksnow map which showed the approaching white stuff rather more clearly.

Anyhoo, I decided to chance it and drove in (I had a lot of bags to transport back to school). My normally unremarkable commute was transformed into a thing of stunning beauty – the snow started just as I set off and I travelled through a winter wonderland. Happily the main roads were fine and since I didn’t stray from them, I had no problems at all.

By the time the students arrived at school, so had a blizzard. First we were treated firstly to a spectacular whiteout that brought more snow than I’ve seen in years, then we got sent home early. I had an unexpectedly easy journey home too, although I won’t be driving anywhere else for a few days. Our car is now parked in a snowdrift. Ho hum.

Instead of teaching Y8, I found myself sitting in our kitchen eating homemade soup and chatting to Mr TLC. Very nice.

I was settling down to work when I received a phonecall from a fellow displaced professional. Their head had instructed them to return home or at least to a place of warmth and comfort. So we repaired to a place of warmth and comfort, took some refreshment, enjoyed the company of friends and marvelled at the snow.

A perfect interlude in fact. Unexpected, but most enjoyable.

(Then I came home and did that work – but that’s not such a good ending, is it?)

Photo:Weston Park Snow by James Almond. Used under Creative Commons Licence.

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