Arbor Low

Tucked away in a quiet corner of Derbyshire is a rather magnificent ancient monument. Arbor Low is a Neolithic henge, consisting of a large earthwork, some 90 metres across, that encloses a circle of limestone blocks. It’s stunning to look at, so it’s no wonder it’s been referred to as ‘the Stonehenge of the […]

A Grand Day Out: Moira Furnace

Tucked away in the village of Moira in Leicestershire is a surprisingly well-preserved relic of our industrial history.

Moira furnace is a nineteenth-century blast furnace. It was built in 1804, in what seemed to be the ideal location on the banks of the Ashby Canal, with plentiful coke and iron ore available locally. The […]

Do the Borg eat grated cheese?

How do I know that Mr TLC and I are geeks? Because when we first saw this building being constructed we said “Ooh look, it’s a Borg Cube!” Obviously we followed that up with “ We are the Borg. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. Your technological and biological distinctiveness will be added to […]

A Monstrous Hedge


I’ve always liked topiary but I haven’t visited this one for a while. Yesterday we took a detour to see whether my favourite hedge monster was still in residence. As you can see, it was still there – and sporting a rather splendid bouffant hairdo. I wonder what that will be once it’s […]

It’s a beautiful sunset, but it’s not a metaphor

After such a long absence, I’m not sure I should be posting pictures of sunsets. It’s not a metaphor for the fate of this blog (at least, I hope it’s not), it’s just that the sky looks very  pretty, so I though I’d share it.


Boxing clever

I was obviously a bit too quick off the mark when I tried to grab the link for a Dropbox file that hadn’t finished uploading.

Ask Dropbox to do the impossible and it responds by showing a very nice impossible Dropbox:



Like it. Now I want to […]

A Magical Evening

Last night’s Sharrow Lantern Carnival was a magical evening. The lanterns were created by local people in a series of workshops during February and March leading up to the big event.

Everyone gathered at Mount Pleasant Park and waited for the Sheffield Samba Band to lead the procession.

Sharrow Lantern Carnival 2012 – Scenes […]

Two for Joy

We headed off for a short walk into town to buy some socks for Mr TLC. We were hoping to spot some of John Dowswell’s socks on the way, but we were out of luck. Better luck on the avian front though, with plenty of magpies on show.

I rather like the zip fastener on […]

My Favourite Places

Last summer, Eleven, a local creative design studio produced a very nice little booklet and accompanying website called ‘Our Favourite Places’, a very personal guide to some of Sheffield’s restaurants, shops, bars, parks and so on. (There’s a nice review here on Sheffieldblog.) I really liked the mix of photos, maps and descriptions. Much as […]

TLC’s Midnight Garden

An unexpected treat tonight: walking through town we passed the Winter Gardens. Have they always been open so late? I’m sure they used to be bolted and barred from early evening.

Anyway, in we went and discovered that we had the place to ourselves (I’m sure there was a security guard/City Centre Ambassador/CCTV camera […]