Mr TLC was prowling around earlier this evening, expressing his great regret at having been so strong minded on the subject of snacky things. Easy to resist in the shop, but much pined after on a Friday evening apparently.

For some reason this caused me to experience an urge to make some crisps, something I’ve […]

Henderson's Crisps

Is she still going on about Henderson’s Relish? Guilty as charged, I am indeed rattling on about that mystic brew yet again.

This time it’s Henderson’s Crisps, surely the ultimate snack for the average Sheffield bloke, but one which I approached with a certain amount of trepidation. I like Henderson’s, I use it when I’m […]

Daily Bread

I love homemade bread. I also enjoy making it, although to be honest I’ve never really been completely happy with the results. My bread is nice, but it never quite turns out exactly how I want it to.

I like making bread, but I rarely make the time to do it. I’ve often been tempted […]

Celebrity Chefs

The Disappearing Cat has returned! *Waves at Blogland*

Well that was an unexpectedly chaotic week! I will not rattle on about the setbacks and delays that have beset me since my last post, but I will report that I am now (finally) the proud owner of a nice housing that is the perfect size for […]

Vegetarian Alternative

I am no longer a member of the vegetarian club, I fell off the waggon a few years ago. I loved being a veggie, I never missed meat (no, not even bacon) and I still eat mostly veggie food. But in all my years as a veggie there was one thing for which I never […]

A Pair of Salt Sellers

I think I had as much fun taking photos in Borough Market on Saturday as I did actually buying things.


Slices of Pi

According to the American Pie Council, January 23rd is National Pie Day, on which date the eating of pies and “Random Acts of Pieness” are encouraged.

I am not generally in favour of the National This, That or the Other Days that various commercial bodies promote in order to make us buy their wares, but […]

Two Recipes

A Lazy Sunday

Ingredients2 relaxed cats1 interesting book1 splendid breakfast1 pair of comfortable shoes1 splendid dinner2 pints of Mr John Hull’s excellent beer1 pub quiztea and coffee

Method1. Relax, have a lie in and read the interesting book whilst listening to the relaxed cats purring.2. Cook and eat a splendid breakfast, linger over tea and […]

Souvenirs de mes vacances

When Mr TLC and I go anywhere there are certain things that I just cannot resist. I drive him mad by taking zillions of photos and buying far too many postcards. However, he is keener when I start buying local produce, although of course this can be a bit unpredictable. There have been triumphs, such […]

Friday Tea Thyme

It’s Friday, it’s five fifteen and it’s Thyme to think about going out for tea! It’s been a long week, so Mr Three Legged Cat & I set off to start the weekend at Thyme Cafe.The name cafe could be considered a little misleading. To me the word “cafe” conjures up two images: either somewhere […]