A Tissue

A selection of things that you can buy in St Pancras station at 9pm on a Friday night:Expensive chocolatesA book about the stationFrilly underwear (handy for those who have pulled on the train)Body lotion (ditto)A mug (that’s as in drinking vessel, I didn’t see any gullible people for sale)A jigsaw10 000 different types of sandwichA […]

Now I Know

Whilst we were in London at the weekend we made a number of small discoveries. Here are ten things that I didn’t know this time last week:

1. The cost of living in London is……very reasonable where public transport and food shopping are concerned. We also spent very little more on going out to eat […]


I am often asked what I think about graffiti by my students. It’s a rather vague question to be honest, given that we could be talking about anything from a clumsily daubed tag to an urban masterpiece.

I suspect that this area on the South Bank causes some controversy, I often hear people tutting about […]

A Pair of Salt Sellers

I think I had as much fun taking photos in Borough Market on Saturday as I did actually buying things.


Here Be Dragons

The arrival of the Chinese Year of the Rat was celebrated in London today.

With great skill we managed to miss both the parade (we arrived too late) and the dragon dancing (we had to leave too early) which I particularly wanted to watch. We did time our arrival perfectly to allow us to […]

London Postcard

Dear Mum,

We are having a cracking time in London.

We have been to Borough Market and bought something delightful for you – can you guess what it is?

We also visited Southwark Cathedral, we could tell it was in the Gothic style from the interesting background music…

Wish you were here!

Love TLC […]

That was the year that was: July 2007

July arrives. Mr TLC soon has no work to do. The mud has been shovelled into an seemingly endlessly set of skips. The insurance company has sent in a team to clean the machines. There is no sign of production restarting. Mr TLC spends his days at work reading books and listening to CDs. He […]