Self Service Cat sez Nom Nom Nom…

Caturday (A Tribute)

Random Mewsings

We share our home with two very fine cats.

Said cats are currently embarked upon a major eat-athon.

Ginger Cat has put on his winter lard, as he always does, but there seems to be more of it than usual. He has grown a thicker, fluffier, winter-proof coat, as he always does, but there seems […]

No sleep til Tuesday

It has been a rather busy few days here. I’ve got through an amazing amount of work and completed lots of tedious household tasks, but I have been strangely silent on the blog and Twitter fronts. Coincidence? Probably not.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time visiting the vet with poor old Black Cat […]

TV Dinners

Simon Tofield, you are a genius.

Stuck in the Middle With Mew

After an exceptionally hectic week, I have moved down several gears.

My weekend Saturday has started with me sitting on the sofa enjoying a cup of coffee, Black Cat to the left of me, Ginger to the right, both purring, both thoroughly relaxed. Lovely.


The weekend started promisingly enough.

Last night, before we went to sleep we discussed what to do today. No decision was reached, so many possibilities. One thing was fixed: haircut at midday. Before that: probably a lazy morning. After that: a walk (weather permitting), or maybe we could take in some of the Philadelphia Blues […]

Wood You Believe It?

from our Special Correspondent

After all the speculation, when some people thought it was beyond hope, finally the proof is here.

There is definitely at least one big cat in Derbyshire. And it is beyond Hope (at least it is from this direction).

(As spotted and photographed by Mr TLC.)


Playing Cat and Mouse

I should have realised when one of the cats’ ping pong balls rolled out from under the sofa, but Black Cat appeared round the corner of the sofa a minute or so later, so I assumed it was him.

I should have realised when I heard rustling from behind the sofa, but I had only […]


Tomorrow is of course Saturday, so I’m hoping for a lazy morning and the chance to sleep until I wake up naturally. No alarm clock. No wake up call. And hopefully no scrabble at dawn.

I’m not talking about the rather famous board game, I suspect that the culprit is quite good at spells, but […]