Mr TLC doesn’t have a leg to stand on

Mr TLC is not a man to be outdone. Oh no.

Mr TLC obviously felt that Super Mum had not tested the services of the NHS rigorously enough, so he decided to take on a spot of testing himself.

It started with a bang, the sort of bang made by a man who has […]

I should be working…

… but a little procrastination won’t hurt. Isn’t that what weekends are for?

Anyhoo, it must be time for a quick catch up, so here it is:

I’m now two weeks into my new job and still very happy that I’ve moved. I’m still trying to remember a great many names, getting lost/walking in circles […]

The Non-Triumphant Return of the Three-Legged Cat

Hello! Remember me? I’ve been exceedingly busy doing a great many things, some interesting, some not (such is life), so here’s a quick update:

I have been to Paris, which went something like this: count children onto a bus, set off, travel a bit, count children, arrive at science museum, count children, have a brilliant […]

Re-entering his Prime

Mr TLC has arrived at a more interesting age.

On his last birthday, I suggested that he could spend his days carrying the good folk of Crookes to Woodhouse and back, but apparently he didn’t see himself as that kind of 52. Now he is back in his prime. (I am not currently in my […]

Happy Birthday Two You

An evening of impersonation for me today: time to do my best grandmother impression.

Mr TLC’s beautiful granddaughter (who really needs a blog name, Baby A just doesn’t fit her anymore) is two today. Where does the time go?

I hadn’t seen her for a while and the change was dramatic: from toddler to […]

From the heart

I don’t really do Valentine’s Day. To say Mr TLC dislikes it would be putting it rather mildly, so to be honest, it’s just not worth the hassle.

I changed my mind today though, when Peter Rowlett tweeted a link to a Möbius Valentine’s card. (Yes, I am more than mildly obsessed with Möbius strips […]

That was the week that was…

Thursday (Ofsted – 4 days) My day starts, as usual on Thursdays, with a group of wildly enthusiastic primary students. I arrive at my own school at break to be greeted by The News. *They* have called. Well, we were expecting it – bring it on. Am I coming into school at the weekend? Absolutley […]

Getting Our Goat

Sneaky backpost #2 Our visits to the Royal Albert Hall always seem to start with what seems like hours (but is actually probably only a few minutes) hanging about outside, waiting for the doors to open, getting distinctly cold and wondering why there is no convenient London Boozer lurking in the neighbourhood.

This time we […]

Unseasonal Greetings

‘Merry Christmas!’ I say cheerily to Mr TLC.

His present has finally arrived. Good job he’s a luverly patient man.

Photo: Christmas Tree by Kira Westland. Used under Creative Commons Licence.

All quiet on the Sheffield front

1. I’m on holiday – woohoo! Actually I’ve been on holiday for a little while – school broke up last Thursday – but I have been hiding under a duvet and sleeping. As you do.2. I have caught, fought and mostly got rid of the traditional Christmas holiday cold. Go me. (Yes, that’s why I […]