There's Probably No Bus

Our roving reporter (that’s Mr TLC, who declined most emphatically when I suggested he might like to do a guest post) spotted this splendid figure of a snowman, patiently waiting for a 52 bus. Obviously our frosty friend hadn’t seen this (via @Rashbre).

He was attracting quite a bit of attention – the snowman that […]

Caturday (A Tribute)

Sheffield FAIL

They made us laugh. We predicted an entry into the mighty FAIL blog.

And lo, it has come to pass.

You couldn’t make it up.

But someone thought it up. Scary.

Or maybe just funny. Part of me suspects a practical joker at work. Perhaps I should join in. :^)


Sheffield Landmark?

Update Tues 25th November: I was going to write about this today, but I’m tired and about to head off to bed, so it will have to wait until tomorrow. Speaking of which, I have to up rather earlier than the crack of dawn tomorrow because I’m on a school trip. We are leaving […]

Don't Tell Boris…

Our special reporter* nips out to the shops and spots a most unexpected sight. Have London’s pensioned off Routemasters found new employment in Sheffield?

At least one of them has, part of what seems to be a growing trend to hire a vintage bus instead of a wedding car.

I got quite carried away with […]

Beyond Limits – Part 4

And finally:

The autumn colours in the gardens at Chatsworth were stunning. The Beyond Limits exhibition couldn’t have had a better backdrop.

Obviously, I couldn’t resist taking some photos…

There were lots more sculptures that I haven’t shown you. If you’re interested in seeing them, the pictures are here.

Links:See all my […]

Beyond Limits – Part 3

The Good News:

Last year, for me, one the highlights of the Beyond Limits exhibition was this piece, Autumn Reflection, by Zadok Ben-David. From a distance it looked like a stylised tree, but on closer inspection we discovered that it was made entirely from small metal figures.

So it was good news to discover […]

Beyond Limits – Part 2

Some more pictures from Beyond Limits at Chatsworth. Two very different pieces from husband and wife Fran├žois-Xavier and Claude Lalanne.

Pomme de New Yorkby Claude Lalanne

This would look lovely in any light, at any time of year, but there was something very fitting about this giant golden windfall amongst all the autumn leaves.

Le […]

Beyond Limits – Part 1

Beyond Limits is Sotheby’s annual selling exhibition of modern and contemporary sculpture and I’m pleased to see that it seems to have become established as an annual event at Chatsworth.

The selling aspect of the exhibition targets a very select audience. You know the old saying: if you need to ask how much it is, […]

Autumnal Colours

I love this time of year. I’m not adapted for sunny weather, so Spring and Autumn are my favourite times for walking.

Having said that, I’ve been a tad busy this week and haven’t set foot outside. I’ve been enjoying a bit of virtual outdoors instead – some gorgeous autumn colour in the photos […]