Not down a well, but possibly in a small hole

Oh my, I’ve been rather quiet here of late. Can I blame work, or shall I go straight for a plea of insanity?

Anyhoo, I haven’t evaporated/been kidnapped by aliens/fallen down a well. I am perfectly fine, just doing too much for my own good (as usual).

However, I am going to be making a […]

I’m Free

I’ve been getting rather a lot of email lately. For some reason a great many people have suddenly gained the erroneous impression that I would like to carry adverts/endorse products/sell my soul at the crossroads.

Just so there’s no confusion:

I don’t do ads. Frankly I consider myself lucky that Google/Blogger doesn’t force the issue. […]

Autumn Delights

Just a few choices from the box of autumnal delights:

Trees wearing fiery foliageCrunchy leaves crushed underfootCrisp mornings that make me catch my breathThe hills ablaze with heatherGinger Cat returning home for the seasonDrawing the blinds against the darknessThe kitchen smelling of mincemeat and bakingPumpkins and squash piled high at the greengrocer’s shopMy form […]

Is fun the answer?

(a big hat tip to The Clever Sheep.)

If that’s not enough, try this one:

Love it. Now, what gadget or gimmick do I install in my classroom for maximum effect?


Paris Postcard 4 – Time machine

As we headed home I decided to call Mr TLC.

“Hello,” I said in my best spooky voice, “I’m calling you from the future.”

Well, France is an hour in front you know. Surely that’s the future?

Back from the Blogdead

Blimey has it been that long since I wrote a *proper* post? Ahem.

Anyway, hellooo!

June is over, which means my *cough* part time paper round is finished (although this year I get a bonus extra round, starting next week, but enough of that kind of talk), so I can actually blog again.

Actually, my […]


We went to vote today.

I have never seen such a ludicrously long ballot paper. I had never even heard of some of the parties on it. It was like being in the supermarket: masses of brands, but very little choice.

I am disappointed to find that amongst that astoundingly long list of parties there […]

Location, Location, Location

“Where are you from? I mean, where were you born?” he asked.

“I was born in London,” I replied.

“Really?” Now at this point I thought I was going to get one of those ‘I never knew that you were a blooming southerner’ type responses. (The fact that I have resided in the Norf for […]

Words of Wisdom

“Basically,” said R, as she started to answer my question, before stopping for a moment and smiling to herself.

Then she put the answer on hold for just a moment in order to share a far more interesting thought: “When anything begins with ‘basically’, you just know it’s going to complicated, don’t you?”

The Past is a Foreign Country

My action-packed half-term holiday has included not one, but two visits to the rather splendid Weston Park Museum.

I’ve been writing some materials for a school trip to the museum, hence the double visit. Yesterday, whilst I wandered around the mostly science-y bit (note use of highly technical vocabulary), checking things and bemoaning the fact […]