Wrong again

“How much?”
“£1.95 million.”
“That’s almost unbelievable. No child will ever get near that book will they?”

I was so confident in this prediction. I calmly assumed that some investor had bought J.K.Rowling’s hand written book The Tales of Beedle the Bard and that it was heading for a future locked in a vault, unseen and unread.

Wrong again. So what exactly are Amazon going to do with their new purchase? The £1.95 million may have gone to charity, but I imagine a business like Amazon will want some kind of return on such a big payout. I think it is rather unlikely that The Tales of Beedle the Bard will be sold by the books department. They can’t publish it, but they can write detailed reviews that just happen to include the actual plot (now that’s more cunning than Baldrick) and they can display photos of it. Some very fine marketing and promotional opportunities loom large.

Will this particular children’s book ever get near an actual child? Bit too early to say, although a book tour is a possibility. However it is nice to get a look at it, even if it is via the net, which is a definite improvement on the book being in some anonymous investor’s vault.

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