Outset day

Today did not start with an alarm and an INSET Day breakfast. My day began with a self-indulgent lie in, followed by a leisurely coffee and a croissant whilst enjoying the sunshine in the garden.

No-one told me what the big priorities for the year are, nor did I listen to a speech about exam results, Ofsted and how it’s going to be a hard year. (Let’s be honest, it’s always a hard year.) Instead, I decided on a few priorities of my own, resulting in a splendidly long list of interesting things to do during September and October.

I didn’t experience any presentations about evidence-free zombie ideas that I am expected to implement. No-one showed a slide of that bl**dy pyramid of learning in a lecture about how people don’t remember lectures.  There was no mention of learning styles, no discussion about coloured paper. I did get the chance to relax and read, which was rather lovely.

There was no lasagne for lunch. In lieu of that INSET day classic, I made a tuna sandwich – but forgot to put the tuna in. Bit worrying that. Perhaps it’s a good thing that I’m not going back to work just yet.

I’m really enjoying taking some time out. I have some (non-teaching) work lined up for late September onwards, but for now I’m enjoying the chance to continue unwinding. Welcome to the After Math! It’s bliss.

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5 comments to Outset day

  • Ed

    Well, that is a surprise.

    I jumped from the full-time professional life to a more relaxed lifestyle a few years ago. I decided to become self-employed, set up my own consultancy and to taper away from the 366x8x25 airport lounge inhabiting arrangement that I’d previously enjoyed.

    I think the consultancy/mathematical expression for these kind of acts is ‘Jumping the S curve’. Anyway, its been a great learning curve and I, too, begin the day with leisurely coffee, a gentle stroll to the quay, or a bike ride to the beach.

    Congratulations on a new chapter.

    (& I loved the video!)

    • Lois Lindemann

      Sounds good to me – although I don’t think I’ll be going quite as far as the beach! I’ve been doing some paid writing and reviewing on and off (mostly during school holidays), so I’m going to give self-employment a go, at least for now. We were away on a decadently long holiday with limited internet access over the summer, so I hadn’t sent out any emails saying I was available for work, but I came home to find an offer in my inbox, which was rather fortuitous. We’ll see, it might work out – and it gives us the flexibility to do some term-time travelling, which is massively more affordable.

  • Blue Witch

    Well done. It takes a lot of courage to realise that there is another possible path.

    I have never known a time when I felt more disillusioned about the state of the English education system.

    Good luck with whatever your new ventures are: and enjoy the difference, and not constantly banging your head against a wall (assuming that is what it has felt like for you).

    • Lois Lindemann

      It’s a combination of a lot of things, but after what I shall describe as an interesting year, I finally decided it was time to walk away. Still not sure whether that’s permanent or not, but I felt very happy to be out of school today!