It’s a date: Happy Addition/Multiplication/Division/Subtraction Day!

I like dates that make nice patterns, so I was quite pleased to notice that yesterday’s date made an addition statement. I wrote 14/1/15 on the whiteboard in my classroom, spotted the pattern and then changed what I had written to say 14+1=15 Happy Addition Day!

Quite a few students remarked on this and started to think of other dates that would work, which was nice.

This morning, I started to write 15/1/15, which does have a certain symmetry to it, before realising that I could write 15×1=15 Happy Multiplication Day! I am obviously feeling a bit over-tired, because it was lunchtime before I realised that I could also write 15÷1=15 Happy Division Day!

Tomorrow (16/1/15) is of course a Subtraction Day, which completes the set.

Four rules in three days – I think that’s quite neat.



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