Bear With Me

Teddy Bear CakeThere is something quite magical about being the person who brings the birthday cake. Mr TLC’s younger GrandKitten’s midweek birthday did mean that baking time was a little constrained, so I decided that a midweek special was required: a Victoria sponge cake, topped with butter icing, in the shape of an animal. Since the effect on an animal cake is better if the surface of the icing is roughed up, they are relatively quick to make – perfect for a midweek birthday party.

This one was a basic sandwich cake, trimmed slightly with a couple of cupcake ears and half a cupcake for the snout. It made a very acceptable teddy bear cake.

The bear may have been less elaborate than last year’s Rapunzel, but that didn’t matter, it was received with great excitement by the birthday girl.

Alas, the excitement caused by The Arrival Of The Cake meant that I was the only one who noticed Mr TLC remarking “I have a bear behind!” as I followed him in, carrying (or should that be bearing?) the cake. He’ll just have to save that joke for another time.

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