Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!


The occasion of the Younger Grandkitten’s birthday presents an excellent opportunity for a spot of baking. She is a huge fan of Rapunzel, which, combined with a dimly remembered picture from an old recipe book, gave me an idea. A few props were required – the top half of a doll from the discount store, some wool for the hair extensions, a paper crown – but most of it was made from cake and icing. Actually, it is only the adults who ever seem to eat the cake, the small ones just seems to eat the icing. Fondant icing proved to be much trickier to make than I had expected, so the final product had a definite homemade look, but that’s fine. It looked like Rapunzel, the Younger Grandkitten was happy and no-one thought it was a mouse. Success.

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