What I did on my holidays

Watched a bike race.

Learned to make croissants and Danish pastries.

Listened to the blues whilst drinking beer at Tramlines.

Went to the seaside.

Got up early and made the most of the day.

Had a lazy lie in bed with coffee and the newspaper.

Rode a carousel.

Shared fish and chips with Jonathan Livingstone the Herring Gull. (Yes, yes, I know I shouldn’t have.)

Saw a black dog climb out of the sea at Whitby. Yes, really. Then it disappeared. (But only around the corner.)

Accidentally attended a tea dance. Took part in the tea aspect, but not the dance.

Read books.

Decided I need to Say No to Magic and vary my reading matter for a while.

Did crosswords, killer Sudoku and Futoshiki puzzles.

Enjoyed beautiful Peak District countryside and a pub lunch whilst out walking with colleagues.

Enjoyed it so much, that we did it again.

Finished a huge writing job, involving a most unwieldy document, then discovered Scrivener. Ah well, at least I know for next time.

Discovered that L. S. Lowry once lived around the corner from my Mum’s new place.

Met up with friends. Said we must do this more often. Meant it. (But haven’t done it yet.)

Visited the Yorkshire Moores.

Visited the Yorkshire Moors. Fylingdales looks very impressive all lit up.

Got soaking wet in a thunderstorm.

Had a holiday in Scotland.

Enjoyed the smiles on the A Level and GCSE results days.

Saw a lizard scuttling very quickly and a slow worm moving almost imperceptibly.

Took hundreds of photographs. (Am still sorting through those.)

Tried some new recipes.

Had a picnic on Flamborough Head.

Tried a new approach to language learning. Learned more German words in 2 weeks than in the previous 2 months. Woohoo!

Did a lot of work in the garden, then sat back and enjoyed the view.

Rode in a boat so I could visit a castle.

Visited a town full of bookshops. Somehow managed to come home with only one book.

Picked blackberries. Baked a crumble. Nom nom nom.


I started with the aim of making every day count. I think I managed it.

Back to work today, but no students, they appear on Monday. Hope they’ve made every day count as well.

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