Letting go

Woke up this morning (no, this isn’t a blues song) and felt like myself for the first time in ages. I feel relaxed and calm and it’s made me realise just how wound up I’ve been in recent months.

I started 2020 feeling worried about my diagnosis and treatment. I was starting chemo-immunotherapy and having […]

Spanner, meet works

Sometimes the best plans don’t survive contact with reality, especially when reality decides to shift. But I’m counting our blessings. We’re in decent health (aside from a touch of lymphoma, which is improving.) We have savings that we can manage to live off for a surprisingly long time – which is good, because all of […]

03 of 52 mini-adventures: reader, I married him

I’m making 2020 a year of 52 mini-adventures. These might be new experiences, fun things to do or challenges to complete. Will I reach my goal of 52? I hope so, but the most important thing is to have an interesting time trying new things.

A mere 22 years after Mr TLC and I went […]

Outset day

I’ve taught my last lesson, which was more of a milestone than usual because I’m not going back in September. It’s time for a change. I am officially entering The After Math.

— Lois Lindemann (@MoreThanMaths) July 18, 2019

Today did not start with an alarm and an INSET […]

30 Days Wild: Having a rotten time

Being of a childish deposition, when asked to participate in icebreaker type activities, it used to amuse me to say, “Hi, I’m Lois and I have worms.” It was even true, I did have worms, hundreds of them, munching away at the assorted vegetable waste that went into the compost boxes at the end of […]

Situation Vacant: Local Pub

It appears that we need to get out more.

Last January, on our annual jaunt to London, we were sitting in the pub that we like to refer to as our London local, enjoying a beer and the amazing view of the river and St Paul’s, when I had a slightly worrying thought.  We had […]

Bear With Me

There is something quite magical about being the person who brings the birthday cake. Mr TLC’s younger GrandKitten’s midweek birthday did mean that baking time was a little constrained, so I decided that a midweek special was required: a Victoria sponge cake, topped with butter icing, in the shape of an animal. Since the effect […]

Obligatory looking forward post: Five things I’m looking forward to in 2015

Being King of the Castle

We have booked a holiday cottage at a rather famous castle. I am far more excited about this than can be rationally explained. Did I tell you that we were staying in a castle? An actual castle? Woohoo!


A Spot of Star Gazing

Last year we visited the Galloway […]

Obligatory looking back post: Five things I’m glad I did in 2014

1. Converted a muddy mess into a garden that I love

Once upon a time we had an overgrown quagmire at the back of our house. Then some mild weather back in February allowed me to get started on some pruning and one thing led to another. We cut back, pruned, dug out and cleared […]

What I did on my holidays

Watched a bike race.

Learned to make croissants and Danish pastries.

Listened to the blues whilst drinking beer at Tramlines.

Went to the seaside.

Got up early and made the most of the day.

Had a lazy lie in bed with coffee and the newspaper.

Rode a carousel.

Shared fish and chips with Jonathan Livingstone […]