Obligatory looking forward post: Five things I’m looking forward to in 2015

Being King of the Castle

We have booked a holiday cottage at a rather famous castle. I am far more excited about this than can be rationally explained. Did I tell you that we were staying in a castle? An actual castle? Woohoo!


A Spot of Star Gazing

Last year we visited the Galloway […]

Five things

Futoshiki puzzles are strangely addictive (they are basically Latin Squares/Sudoku with < symbols). I used to enjoy these in my Saturday morning newspaper, but they were brutally axed. Now I’ve discovered that you can play online. Given how long I spent doing this yesterday evening, I’m not sure that this is a good thing. […]

Perpetual insanity machine

I may have been the only person in the country who was delighted by the arrival of torrential rain today. Torrential rain at about lunchtime? That’ll be perfect.

In not entirely unrelated news, we have been trying to get Ginger Cat to the vet for some time. His vaccination boosters are due, but every time […]

Goodbye Black Cat

Today started like so many other days: I woke up and found my furry companion of the last 18 years, George (aka Black Cat) sitting next to me. I got up and stumbled to the bathroom. George galumphed along with me, as was his wont. It being breakfast time, George nommed his morning […]

A public service post

Because everyone needs to know how to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you.

Caturday: Half Octopus

Ginger Cat doing what he does best: sleeping.

His usual pose is what my Dad refers to as the ‘half octopus’ position, but today there was a slight variation; it turns out that Ginger Cat does a pretty good three-legged cat impression.


Pretty Fly

I love Simon’s Cat. I know it’s a cat person thing, but every blog has to have a cat post, right?

Taking the Mickey

“By the way,” said Mr TLC, “there’s a mouse under the fridge.”

Super. I always like to keep a mouse around the place. You never know when a rodent might come in handy.

Actually, it’s all part of the joy of cats. The trouble is that Black Cat’s rodent hunting glory days seem to have […]

May the Fourth be with Mew

May the Fourth has nothing to do with Star Wars in our house.

May the Fourth is however a Very Important Day.

May the Fourth is the day when all both our cats officially add 1 to their ages (in normal, standard 365.25(ish) days/one-orbit-of-the-sun years; I don’t go in for the cat years thing).

Why […]

How to put the spark back into your relationship

It’s easy! Just follow these simple steps:

Choose a nice crisp winter morning. A really frosty day is best, but not essential. Make a fuss of your very fine cat as soon as he comes indoors after his morning stroll. He’s lovely that cat, rub his ears and stroke his head. Keep making a fuss […]