03 of 52 mini-adventures: reader, I married him

I’m making 2020 a year of 52 mini-adventures. These might be new experiences, fun things to do or challenges to complete. Will I reach my goal of 52? I hope so, but the most important thing is to have an interesting time trying new things.

A mere 22 years after Mr TLC and I went […]

Bear With Me

There is something quite magical about being the person who brings the birthday cake. Mr TLC’s younger GrandKitten’s midweek birthday did mean that baking time was a little constrained, so I decided that a midweek special was required: a Victoria sponge cake, topped with butter icing, in the shape of an animal. Since the effect […]

Travel Games

1. M1ldred

Mr TLC is a bit of a classic car fan. Our car does not resemble a classic, but we like spotting more venerable vehicles as we trundle around. We used to mark sightings with a shout of “Classic car!” but at some point that changed to a hearty cry of “M1ldred!”. All old […]

It’s a long way down!

We sometimes struggle to finish the jumbo crossword in our Saturday newspaper, but that challenge seems small compared with this week’s Radio Times crossword. Mr TLC is currently looking at the clue for 3456 down. This may take some time…


Perpetual insanity machine

I may have been the only person in the country who was delighted by the arrival of torrential rain today. Torrential rain at about lunchtime? That’ll be perfect.

In not entirely unrelated news, we have been trying to get Ginger Cat to the vet for some time. His vaccination boosters are due, but every time […]

Looking back–and forwards. Well, it is New Year.

What kind of year was 2013?

It was a year that started well, with a relaxing weekend in London, taking in Cirque du Soleil and the Twelfth Night celebrations on Bankside, before delivering a winter that was rather too long for my taste.

It was the year when I completed the final module of […]

2012: That was the year that was…

It’s been an eventful year – but I’m sure that’s true for everyone. Despite the normal good intentions, I’ve barely posted, so here’s a quick catch up on the big events:

Mr TLC was declared recovered and discharged from the hospital back in March. We celebrated by buying Mr TLC a new bike. His return […]

Dancing with Death

Picture the scene: a real ale pub on the night that a convention/festival of morris dancers was in town. Those of us who thought we had the night off had received frantic phone calls and emergency taxis to get us to work. It was quite busy. Actually, it was insane, but in a cheerily joyous […]

Playing Cat and Mouse

Apparently four marks a bit of a milestone: it seems to be the age when birthday cakes become Something Very Exciting Indeed.

The maker though it was a kitten, but the birthday girl declared it be a mouse. Who am I to argue? The main thing is that she loved it.

The only […]

The End Is Nigh

It’s seemed like a long time, but finally, the end is in sight.

Back in June, when his well and truly broken leg was pinned together, Mr TLC was told it would be 4-6 months before the frame could be removed – assuming everything went well. He had five months fixed in his head, I […]