The Real Three-Legged Cat

A lot of people arrive here because their cat is suddenly facing life as a tripod. That happened to my former cat, but it wasn’t the disaster that I feared: he was happy and active and lived to the fairly ripe old age of 14.

This page contains links to the posts I have written about him, I hope they are of some help. You will see from the comments on the posts that three-legged cats are not uncommon – despite what you might think if it happens to your cat!

The Tales of the Three Legged Cat:

Life with a 3 legged cat

Advice for 3 legged cats

Part 1


Flickr Photos of the Three Legged Cat and friends

More Three Legged Cats:

Baby Girl: 5 Legs Bad, 3 Legs Good




Flickr Photos of Three Legged Cats