About Me

Hi, I’m Lois Lindemann – welcome to personal blog. I used to blog anonymously in an attempt to gain a little privacy from Googling students, but for various reasons, I’ve given up pretending to be a three-legged cat.

I am: a resident of Sheffield (it’s been my home town for more than 20 years), a Londoner, a teacher of maths and ICT and a student of French.

I like: cats, Sheffield, walking, doing the pub quiz, maths, cooking, reading, red wine, theatre, weekends in London, cycling, eating out, museums, gardening, going to the cinema, real ale, learning French and spending far too much time online.

Any opinions expressed in this blog are my own, I don’t claim to speak for anyone else in education or outside of it. If you disagree, feel free to comment!

Lurking all over the place: I am @threeleggedcat on Twitter

My photos are at www.flickr.com/photos/three-legged-cat

My teacher blog is at www.morethanmaths.com/teacher

My teacher self is @MoreThanMaths on Twitter

Contact Me: via email: ll[AT]three-legged-cat.co.uk (I don’t put email links online any more because of all the spambots, so a little home assembly is required here – just swap [AT] for the @ symbol, it’ll work fine)
BUT if you are planning to ask me to advertise stuff/write endorsements/sell my soul at the Adwords, please read this first and then change your mind!

or send me a message via Twitter.