03 of 52 mini-adventures: reader, I married him

I’m making 2020 a year of 52 mini-adventures. These might be new experiences, fun things to do or challenges to complete. Will I reach my goal of 52? I hope so, but the most important thing is to have an interesting time trying new things.

lois-alan A mere 22 years after Mr TLC and I went our first date, we decided to get married. Well, you can’t rush these things.

Neither of us wanted a huge, fussy and expensive wedding, so we kept it simple: I made a dress, we invited our immediate families and closest friends to a ceremony at the town hall, followed by a few photos (taken by family and friends), then off to The Botanist for a very nice lunch, a glass or two of fizz, conversation and laughter. All in all, a lovely day. We had fun planning it and we really enjoyed sharing it with our families – who surprised us by being far more excited about it than we would have believed possible.

We’re left with some lovely memories and some amazing photos, including an interesting set from Granddaughter A in which Mr TLC’s appearance has been transformed in a variety of alarming ways (for reasons unknown, she has only applied this special treatment to Mr TLC, I appear as my own normal self.) However, you’ll just have to imagine Granddaughter A’s photos, we’ve decide to share this one from my sister instead. It sums up an excellent day: the two of us are relaxed and happy. We still are. Long may it continue.

Photo © Beth Lindemann

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