30 Days Wild: Having a rotten time

Being of a childish deposition, when asked to participate in icebreaker type activities, it used to amuse me to say, “Hi, I’m Lois and I have worms.” It was even true, I did have worms, hundreds of them, munching away at the assorted vegetable waste that went into the compost boxes at the end of the garden.

Sadly, although for a variety of good reasons, the compost boxes had become a bit neglected and needed reviving. That seemed like a good ‘wild’ project for today. Surprisingly, lifting the lids revealed some actual compost and a good number of worms wriggling about, so after a bit of cleaning up and removal of compost, we’re back in business. I even found a couple of squash plants growing in there that had sprouted from some discarded seeds. No idea whether they’ll produce anything edible, but I’ve stuck them in a pot, so we’ll see what happens.

Although any vegetable peelings, trimmings or waste will get composted, worms definitely have favourite foods: onion skins, tea bags and coffee grounds disappear amazingly quickly. I obviously shoved some garden clippings in there last year, but they seem remarkably intact. Better stick to shredding those!

Anyway, home composting systems are now revived and we can officially have a rotten time this summer. And did I mention that I have worms?

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  • I have an unintended outbreak of potatoes in the garden, they have started growing in a corner and their surface vegetation is gradually taking over.