30 Days Wild: Day 01

It’s June, so the Wildlife Trusts are challenging us to do something wild every day. That’s 30 simple, fun and exciting Random Acts of Wildness. However June is exam season and is often a distinctly sedentary time for me, so I’ve yet to manage a full 30 Days Wild. Maybe this year?

I had completely […]

30 Days Wild: Having a rotten time

Being of a childish deposition, when asked to participate in icebreaker type activities, it used to amuse me to say, “Hi, I’m Lois and I have worms.” It was even true, I did have worms, hundreds of them, munching away at the assorted vegetable waste that went into the compost boxes at the end of […]

30 Days Wild: Wyming Brook

May is always one of my favourite months and this one did not disappoint. We have had a fantastic time getting out and about, enjoying evening walks, seeing some amazing wildlife and taking part in some brilliant events. I’ve been trying to be more active and get outdoors more – something I certainly succeeded in […]