22 + 1

It’s our first wedding anniversary!

After 22 years together, Alan and I surprised everyone by getting married. Some of our family and friends had assumed we would never get round to it, others thought we were already wed.

We had planned to return to the Botanist − who looked after us so well on the day − for a celebration meal, but obviously that will have to wait, so there’s a takeaway and a bottle of wine planned. Cheers!

lois-alan   2021-02-20 13.40.54   2021-02-20 13.44.08

2 comments to 22 + 1

  • Z

    Lois, I’m sorry I missed your anniversary – best wishes, hope you’re well xx

  • Happy anniversary, belatedly. I used to get notifications of new posts, but I don’t seem to any more, so sorry I missed it!

    Hope your health is still improving, and that you have managed to keep well and keep busy.