Obligatory looking forward post: Five things I’m looking forward to in 2015

Being King of the Castle

We have booked a holiday cottage at a rather famous castle. I am far more excited about this than can be rationally explained. Did I tell you that we were staying in a castle? An actual castle? Woohoo!


A Spot of Star Gazing

Last year we visited the Galloway Forest and stayed in the Dark Sky Park. The stars were amazing – far more of them than I had ever seen before! I had no real idea what I was looking at – trying to use a book or an app in the dark is not a practical option – so we have signed up for an online course to introduce us to some of the basics before we go back later this year. I’ve already managed to take a recognisable (but blurry) photograph of Orion, which is a real step forward compared to my previous efforts. Let’s hope we get some clear skies.


Living in the Past

I’ve signed up to the University of Leicester’s MOOC England in the Time of King Richard III. Should be fun.


Growing something that isn’t mud

My north-facing garden is not exactly ideal for vegetable growing, but there’s a patch at the end that gets enough sun for me to have a go, albeit on a rather small scale. There’s a large fern to move from its temporary home before I can get started, but I’m hoping to eat some salads and beans that I grew in my own backyard this year.


Indulging in some Cosmic Speculation

Charles Jencks has created the most incredible garden at Portrack House. His ‘Garden of Cosmic Speculation’ has striking landforms and gorgeous winding lakes (designed by his late wife, Maggie Keswick) that sit surprisingly comfortably next to the rolling Scottish landscape. Add in beautiful planting, incredible bridges and sculptures, a spectacular bluebell wood, a few tricks of perspective and much, much more. This is not just an Open Garden, it’s a Grand Day Out. My advice? Get there early. And stay until late. And take your wellies – there are lots of visitors, it gets a touch muddy underfoot.


And one thing I could live without: a looong election campaign

I like it when politicians have a bit of local presence, but I am already heartily sick of the man who reckons he can unseat Mr Incumbent MP. We thought the first election campaign leaflets were on the early side, but then the first canvassers for next May’s General Election hit our street last November. In the absence of any available babies to kiss, they attempted to wiffle Ginger Cat’s ears. Alas, Ginger Cat does not like it when strangers attempt to wiffle his ears. He ran away and hid, before growling bravely from under a rather small plant. It’s a long while until May. Think I’d better plant something big for Ginger Cat to hide underneath. I might even join him there.

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