Situation Vacant: Local Pub

It appears that we need to get out more.

Last January, on our annual jaunt to London, we were sitting in the pub that we like to refer to as our London local, enjoying a beer and the amazing view of the river and St Paul’s, when I had a slightly worrying thought.  We had […]

Obligatory looking forward post: Five things I’m looking forward to in 2015

Being King of the Castle

We have booked a holiday cottage at a rather famous castle. I am far more excited about this than can be rationally explained. Did I tell you that we were staying in a castle? An actual castle? Woohoo!


A Spot of Star Gazing

Last year we visited the Galloway […]

A Good Sign

It’s probably not pronounced Straight On, but it still made me smile.

Up hill and down Lathkill Dale

We took advantage of a fine day on Tuesday to enjoy a walk with some colleagues. We set off from Youlgreave and headed to Lathkill Dale.

There was a diversion to Over Haddon for some lunch. It’s a picture-book village, with a nice pub and some excellent views over the local area.


Full of Beanies

Once upon a time, when I first lived in Sheffield, my housemates and I were fairly regular customers at Beanies Wholefoods. Officially described as a wholefoods cooperative, it sells a wide variety of vegetarian foods and greengrocery and is an Aladdin’s cave for lovers of good food.

Despite only living a short distance away, I […]

The Colour Purple

We are rapidly becoming acquainted with the many faces of the Snake Pass. Now that SuperMum has moved to a new care home, it has become a regular journey for us.

I had always assumed that the name came from the twisting and turning route followed by the road, but last year we found […]

A Grand Day Out–a flock of seagulls (and a few puffins) at Bempton Cliffs

There seemed to be a lot of puffins in the media this year. Every time we opened a newspaper or a magazine, there seemed to be a puffin lurking somewhere, flashing its plumage and showing off its beak of many colours. Which is why we eventually got around to asking Uncle Google where we could […]

A Grand Day Out – Flamborough Head

Summer holiday? Gloriously hot sunny weather? It must be time for a grand day out.

We packed up a picnic and headed to the coast. Our destination was Flamborough Head – a rather beautiful area, with its dramatic white cliffs and rugged coastline. There are one or two small stretches of beach, but we headed […]

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

We spent today in Maryport. The first time we visited here, we fell in love with the rugged beauty of this stretch of coastline. And, just like the people in films and holiday brochures, we had an entire beach to ourselves. Perfect..


Staring at the past, wondering about the future

There is some extensive conservation work going on at Furness Abbey. Happily most of the abbey isn’t hiding behind scaffolding, so we were able to explore.


Looking at the remains of the nave, I found it difficult to imagine what it looked like when it was still a working abbey. […]