Situation Vacant: Local Pub

It appears that we need to get out more.

Last January, on our annual jaunt to London, we were sitting in the pub that we like to refer to as our London local, enjoying a beer and the amazing view of the river and St Paul’s, when I had a slightly worrying thought.  We had […]

Getting Our Goat

Sneaky backpost #2 Our visits to the Royal Albert Hall always seem to start with what seems like hours (but is actually probably only a few minutes) hanging about outside, waiting for the doors to open, getting distinctly cold and wondering why there is no convenient London Boozer lurking in the neighbourhood.

This time we […]

The Black Box

Sneaky backpost #1 We’ve got it down to a ritual now: check in, dump suitcase, go and say hello to the river. (Yes, I’m afraid I do mean that literally.) Then off to a pub that is blessed with a Very Fine Location Indeed for a drink (that’s drink as in coffee btw, it wasn’t […]

A Thomas Crown Moment

Mr TLC was in no doubt as to how we should start our LOndon weekend. A visit to Tate Modern was definitely required.

So we trundled off to re-visit some personal favourites and encounter something new.

I was intrigued to see how many people still walk along the crack, or carefully step across it, even […]


Saturday evening was the big event of the weekend: Cirque du Soleil performing Quidam at the Royal Albert Hall.

I’ve tried to write about their shows before, but I don’t think my powers extend that far, so I’ve found a few snippets for you to watch.

German Wheel

I’m not sure that these grainy videos […]

Open Government

We finally made it. Our visit to London coincided with one of of City Hall’s open weekends.

First stop: ninth floor balcony for panoramic views of the London skyline. I’ve noticed that my embarrassing vertigo doesn’t affect me at this kind of height. How ridiculous to feel sick and dizzy on the third or fourth […]

I Digress (Again)

Hmm, this book week is going well isn’t it? One whole review completed and posted. W00t!

Anyhoo, being a master of premature celebration, I felt the need to pack Mr TLC and a change of clothes into the car and clear off to London for the weekend.

Such weekends are becoming rare treats, in fact […]

Don't Tell Boris…

Our special reporter* nips out to the shops and spots a most unexpected sight. Have London’s pensioned off Routemasters found new employment in Sheffield?

At least one of them has, part of what seems to be a growing trend to hire a vintage bus instead of a wedding car.

I got quite carried away with […]

I Am Lost for Words

The thought of Boris as mayor.The thought that so many people voted for him.

I don’t know which is more depressing.

A Room With A View

Click to see a larger version of this picture.

Sometimes when you leave things until the last minute, you end up missing out. Sometimes it works in your favour.

I had to go to London for a meeting at the weekend, I left booking a hotel room for Friday until really late. Unbeknown to me, […]