Getting Our Goat

Sneaky backpost #2
Our visits to the Royal Albert Hall always seem to start with what seems like hours (but is actually probably only a few minutes) hanging about outside, waiting for the doors to open, getting distinctly cold and wondering why there is no convenient London Boozer lurking in the neighbourhood.

This time we attacked from a different direction and located a convenient London Boozer, which was packed with an interesting mix of obvious tourists (yes, that includes us) and wearers of suspiciously expensive watches. It also served a rather nice pint of Deuchars. Within, ooh, seconds and seconds Mr TLC was chatting away to some of our fellow drinkers. Friendly. Decent beer. Warm pub. That’ll do for me. The Goat has officially arrived on our list of regular haunts.

As usual, our trip was planned around our annual pilgrammage to see Cirque du Soleil. (Our London weekends are few and far between these days; the clearing-off-for-the-weekend fund being the main casualty of our transition to a single income household).

A video clip just goesn’t do them justice. It was – as always – an amazing performance. They’re back in Sheffield later this year. Can’t wait.

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