Blog, interupted

I’m sorry I can’t get to the blog right now, but please leave your message after the beep…

Things are a bit busy just now. We got the call on Thursday, Ofsted arrive on Monday. I have a lot of paper to generate. Probably no time for blogging, not even for sneaky back posts 🙂

It’s not that I don’t plan my lessons (obviously I do), but I don’t normally fill several sheets of A4 for every lesson. Normally a lot of that information is in my head, or sometimes jotted down on my system of post it notes (which is great for reminding me that I need to speak to pupil x, y or z about something they didn’t understand).

Anyhoo, I’ll see you next week, once it’s all over and I’ve had a nice lie down.

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  • Alix

    We’re waiting for the call too so I wish you all the very very best!

    Try and get a rest this weekend – remember they have probably made their decision already based on the SEF or what ever it is called nowadays and are just looking to be able to justify it. They don’t even watch whole lessons now.

    All the best!

  • Z

    Hope all goes well

  • Had one last Thursday. Good luck!

    • Lois Lindemann

      Sorry Vanessa, my anti-luncheon meat system got over enthusiastic and put this in the SPAM queue. Thank you for the good luck wishes and hope yours went well!

  • Good luck… and remember, it *is* all about luck these days!

  • Good luck with Ofsted ,sorry I am not much good with answer machines they tend to cut me …..

  • Yorkshire Puding

    Well a week has passed. The self-interested expenses-oriented inspectors will have been and gone and you will have survived. It’s obvious that the principal way to improve results is smaller classes, more money for books and other equipment that is not IT related and inspection services that give helpful, on-going, constructive advice over a period of months or years. Since 1995 there’s been too much stick and not enough carrot. Public humiliation of schools in challenging areas does nothing to improve them. If I had my way I would cart the entire OFSTED crew off to Afghanistan to inspect the Taliban.

  • I agree with YP, on all but one point, which is why I’ve never used the OFSTED qualification I got way back when the system started (in a ‘know thine enemy’ type of way).

    The one point? The rot started to set in in 1988, not 1995. The realisation of the damange to ‘education’ that the NC has done is *beginning* to hit the ‘powers that be’, with the consequent introduction of new ways of thinking and doing things coming in now.

    How was it?

  • Lois Lindemann

    Thank you all for good wishes! 🙂

    It turns out that I work in a *Good school*. Phew.