Outset day

I’ve taught my last lesson, which was more of a milestone than usual because I’m not going back in September. It’s time for a change. I am officially entering The After Math.

— Lois Lindemann (@MoreThanMaths) July 18, 2019

Today did not start with an alarm and an INSET […]

Exactly how much do those chips cost?

How would you write three pounds and fifty pence in figures?

When walking through central London at the weekend, I noticed something slightly unusual about the menu pinned up outside the Golden Fleece pub:

I thought it was odd, but assumed it was a one-off. Then I spotted the same thing on the […]

Obligatory looking back post: Five things I’m glad I did in 2014

1. Converted a muddy mess into a garden that I love

Once upon a time we had an overgrown quagmire at the back of our house. Then some mild weather back in February allowed me to get started on some pruning and one thing led to another. We cut back, pruned, dug out and cleared […]


Today is the day that A level students across the country will find out their results.

I’m sure there will be tears.

Let’s hope they are the joyful variety.

I receive an unexpected makeover

Q: What happens when you leave the sixth form alone for two minutes with your log in screen projected on the board?

A: You acquire a rather dashing moustache. And a monocle. And a top hat (worn at a jaunty angle, of course.)

It’s a shame that the excellent local fancy dress shop has […]

Thought for the week

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

attributed to Seneca (via Lifehacker)

How true. I’m hoping that my hard-working Y11 students make their own luck when they take their GCSE Mathematics exams this week.


I had forgotten that I had written this post. Given what happened since […]

Mr TLC doesn’t have a leg to stand on

Mr TLC is not a man to be outdone. Oh no.

Mr TLC obviously felt that Super Mum had not tested the services of the NHS rigorously enough, so he decided to take on a spot of testing himself.

It started with a bang, the sort of bang made by a man who has […]

I should be working…

… but a little procrastination won’t hurt. Isn’t that what weekends are for?

Anyhoo, it must be time for a quick catch up, so here it is:

I’m now two weeks into my new job and still very happy that I’ve moved. I’m still trying to remember a great many names, getting lost/walking in circles […]

The Non-Triumphant Return of the Three-Legged Cat

Hello! Remember me? I’ve been exceedingly busy doing a great many things, some interesting, some not (such is life), so here’s a quick update:

I have been to Paris, which went something like this: count children onto a bus, set off, travel a bit, count children, arrive at science museum, count children, have a brilliant […]

Those who can

We were sitting in a very quiet pub early yesterday evening, waiting for some friends to meet us for a pre-curry drink, when a guy who was sitting at the other side of the room finally stopped having a loud, booming conversation into his mobile phone and started having a loud, booming conversation with his […]