The Non-Triumphant Return of the Three-Legged Cat

Hello! Remember me? I’ve been exceedingly busy doing a great many things, some interesting, some not (such is life), so here’s a quick update:

I have been to Paris, which went something like this: count children onto a bus, set off, travel a bit, count children, arrive at science museum, count children, have a brilliant time, go on a boat, count children, go up the Eiffel Tower, count children, be very relieved to end up with the same number that I started with. First time I’ve led a school trip abroad. Been on many, but my first time in charge. It was good though – can I do another one?

I have left my job. Sort of. By which I mean there was a last of day of term when I said goodbye to lots of people, although I was most insistent that I would not be making speeches etc – we went to the pub after school and chatted instead, much nicer. The following week I went back to school (what holidays?) and said hello to many of the people who had bid me farewell just days earlier. I realised a long time ago that I wouldn’t be ready to ‘leave’ at the end of term: there were still displays to put up, classrooms to empty and rather a lot of things to deal with. I’ve still got a few bits and pieces to do, but the real end is nigh, my self imposed ‘final’ day is on results day next week.

I have embarked on a spot of mad decorating/DIY, as is traditional during the summer holidays. 100+ years of paint has now been removed from banisters (they’re actually starting to look quite nice), the landing floor has been sanded and it’s looking as if I might even finish before I run out of holiday. Woohoo!

Whilst I attack the landing and stairs, Mr TLC has been industriously working his way down the long list of things that need painting outdoors. We meet up for tea/coffee breaks and I admire his painting. He doesn’t seem to be admiring my wondrous woodworking skills though, maybe I need to drop some bigger hints.

I have read books, watched films and enjoyed evenings chilling out with Mr TLC. I feel strangely guilty about spending an evening reading a book or watching something on TV, which is ridiculous really, I am on holiday – I’m supposed to be doing that kind of stuff.

And we seen to have found a new local: the Nottingham House (or Nommingham House as we prefer to call it) ticks all the boxes: decent beer, nice food (but more of that later) and a not-half-bad music/entertainment quiz. We decided to give the aforementioned quiz a go, resurrected the Three-Legged Cat quiz team moniker and scored a more than respectable 29 out of 30. Sadly we were not alone in achieving this score, but I can report that we maintained our 100% record in the tie-breaker: yes, we lost it. Ho hum. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, honestly, who do we think we are, Sheffield Wednesday?

6 comments to The Non-Triumphant Return of the Three-Legged Cat

  • Yorkshire Pudding

    Tantalising. What do you mean – you’ve “sort of” left your job? You’re now a deputy head? Head caretaker? They’ve booted you out for unprofessional behaviour? You’ve won the National Lottery?
    By the way, when I first visited the Nottingham House it was very small – just the corner bit and everybody referred affectionately to it as “The Nottie”.

  • Robin

    Yeah I’d say it is generally known as the Notty. I’m guessing Nommingham is a reference to their tasty pies?

  • Glad you’ve been having fun. Are you looking forward to the new job?

  • Ah. Hello. Welcome back to what some people, witb little sense of perspective, call the ‘blogosphere’. Pull up a chair. Milk? Sugar?

  • Lois Lindemann

    YP: Steady on – my career is not that illustrious! I’ve left my job at one school and will start anew at another in September. Except I haven’t actually left yet, still stuff to do and at least one more day at the old place to go.

    Robin & YP: Yes, pretty much everyone calls it The Notty. And yes, the pies are rather nice 😉

    BW: Yes I am! There’s lots of people I’ll miss, but I’m really looking forward to being a maths teacher again.

    FBF: Thank you! I’ll pass on the milk and sugar – don’t want to dilute my caffeine 😛

  • Welcome back. Glad to hear someone else is game on for decorating.