Thought for the week

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

attributed to Seneca (via Lifehacker)

How true. I’m hoping that my hard-working Y11 students make their own luck when they take their GCSE Mathematics exams this week.


I had forgotten that I had written this post. Given what happened since […]

My thought for the week

Regret for wasted time is more wasted time.

Mason Cooley (via Lifehacker)

I’m very aware of just how fortunate I am to get such a long break over the summer. As usual, I started the holiday with a list of things to do that would take months to complete, so I set some […]

Thought for the day

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

Theodore Roosevelt (via Lifehacker)

Words of Wisdom

“Basically,” said R, as she started to answer my question, before stopping for a moment and smiling to herself.

Then she put the answer on hold for just a moment in order to share a far more interesting thought: “When anything begins with ‘basically’, you just know it’s going to complicated, don’t you?”

Wood You Beleaf It

‘Ooh, look at that!’ I exclaimed, being in possession of a rather low enthusiasm threshold. The van up ahead was looking rather more verdant than is normal in these parts.

‘Wood you believe it,’ replied Mr TLC, ‘I didn’t know this was a trunk road.’ (It’s the way he tells ’em you know.)

‘Er… no.’ […]

Comic Relief

Yesterday I asked my Y11 group to make sure that they arrived to this morning’s lesson with at least one bad joke each. Well it is Red Nose Day.

Russ turned to his soon to be ex-best mate and said “I’ll turn up with you.”


Sheffield Joke

What’s the differenece between Sheffield United’s defence and a taxi?

A taxi won’t let six in!

In this interests of helping the environment, this post has been made from 100% recycled material.

(Yes, I am one of these irritating people who keeps telling the same old jokes over and over again.)


Sheffield Joke

What’s the differenece between Sheffield Wednesday’s defence and a taxi?

A taxi won’t let six in!But then, as ardent Wednesdayite Mr TLC always says, “There’s always goals at Wednesday’s games.” How true. I suspect he’d prefer it if they were in the other net…

Hi ho, hi ho…

The students return to school today, so I’ll be teaching my first lessons for many weeks. On the first day back, I always find myself remembering the wise words of one of my former tutors, offered just before I started my first teaching practice:

“Remember that there will be 31 people in that classroom, and […]

A Thought

I once worked with someone who had placed this thought in pride of place at work, where she could see it every day.

“You only live one life, but if you it live right, one is enough.”

I’ve always liked that.