Sheffield Joke

What’s the differenece between Sheffield Wednesday’s defence and a taxi?

A taxi won’t let six in!

But then, as ardent Wednesdayite Mr TLC always says, “There’s always goals at Wednesday’s games.” How true. I suspect he’d prefer it if they were in the other net…

3 comments to Sheffield Joke

  • Anonymous

    I loved the taxi joke. Wasn’t much good for us though last night – so far we only beat Derby!! (o well, that’s better than Sheff U I suppose)

  • I was taking to a mate of mine, about the new W*dnesd*y training tactics. It appears that their manager has them dribbling around dustbins. After the Reading match, I phoned him up, asked him how the training was going. It appears that the dustbins won 8-0 :^)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all week! Try the chicken!!


  • You never know with Wednesday what will happen one week to the next…