In Which I Discover That Something Has Gone A Little Awry

Part of my annual financial overhaul involved taking the decsion to switch our mobiles over to Pay As You Go. We weren’t paying a massive amount per month, but given that we hardly ever use them the annual overpayment was a noticeable amount. I’ve considered switching before, but this year we finally did it.

The nice man at the phone company sorted everything quite efficiently, or so I thought. I asked about the bill I’d just paid and was assured that outstanding credit would be transferred over.

After nearly a month on PAYG, I thought I’d better check balances and top up if necessary. I discovered that I had less than £5. I started to get cross. What about that transferred amount?

Then I checked Mr TLC’s phone. He has nearly £60 of credit.

£60! Where did all that come from? I’m sure that we didn’t have that much in our old account to start with. Clearly my plans have gone a little awry.

£60! Mr TLC hardly ever rings anybody, not even me. He sends about one text a week. Using up £60 worth of credit is going to be a challenge…

Mr TLC is now trying to think of expensive places to call. Australia? Mir Space Station?

Perhaps we’ll just burn a hole in his credit ringing that rip-off customer services line in the final throes of getting rid of Pipex. Time will tell.

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