It’s a date: Happy Addition/Multiplication/Division/Subtraction Day!

I like dates that make nice patterns, so I was quite pleased to notice that yesterday’s date made an addition statement. I wrote 14/1/15 on the whiteboard in my classroom, spotted the pattern and then changed what I had written to say 14+1=15 Happy Addition Day!

Quite a few students remarked on this and started […]

Advice for my former self

I’m quite good at time travel. It’s easy, as long as you only want to go forwards 😉

Now that I’m working on the final module of my MEd, I found myself wondering what advice I would offer myself if I could travel back to the start.

1. Nothing is more important than sleep and […]

Boxing clever

I was obviously a bit too quick off the mark when I tried to grab the link for a Dropbox file that hadn’t finished uploading.

Ask Dropbox to do the impossible and it responds by showing a very nice impossible Dropbox:



Like it. Now I want to […]

Economics, as I understand it

I never studied economics at school, so I sometimes feel a little bemused by the workings and terminology used. I have noticed a few things though:

When the price of oil goes up, the price of petrol goes up.

When the price of oil comes down, the price of petrol goes up.

When tax goes […]

The Road to Nowhere

I live on the dullest road in Sheffield. It’s lovely.

My road goes nowhere, so it’s quiet.

As far as I am aware, my neighbours are unlikely to attract the attentions of any passing paparazzo, so, as I said, it’s quiet.

Which leaves me wondering why I passed a camera crew at the top […]

I fall at the first hurdle

It may be unpatriotic, it may even be treasonous, but I’m going to say it anyway: football bores me to tears.

I’ve no problem with other people liking it, nor do I mind the fact that almost everyone else in Eng-er-land has festooned their home/car/bicycle/cat with Eng-er-land flags, I just don’t really want to join […]

I never did like luncheon meat

I seem to have been the lucky recipient of an awful lot of SPAM comments over the last few weeks. Is there a lot more SPAM around lately? I certainly never saw this much when using Haloscan. I wonder why?

Interesting how many identical generic – but not quite appropriate – comments have turned up […]

Meet Robohamster

Meet Robohamster from ekai on Vimeo.

I’ve watched this several times now. Not entirely sure why, but it makes me LOL. Literally.

I’m also quite amazed at the level of technology that is obviously packed into this little toy: watch it change direction when it hits a corner. Clever stuff.

Will I […]

Ghosts of Christmas Past

I rediscovered a misplaced memory yesterday: I suddenly remembered how my grandparents used to carefully remove the ‘seal-oh-tape’ (as they always called it) from used wrapping paper. The paper was then folded carefully away to be reused – after all, as I was always told, it was still perfectly good. This paper might resurface wrapped […]

One or two teething problems

Amazingly, 99% of my blog-move seems to have gone without a hitch.

My main worry was that I would put off the small band of lovely people who kept visiting the old place, despite having to put up with my haphazard posting schedule, but it seems that my concerns were unfounded. I’d like to thank […]