Ghosts of Christmas Past

I rediscovered a misplaced memory yesterday: I suddenly remembered how my grandparents used to carefully remove the ‘seal-oh-tape’ (as they always called it) from used wrapping paper. The paper was then folded carefully away to be reused – after all, as I was always told, it was still perfectly good. This paper might resurface wrapped […]

The Past is a Foreign Country

My action-packed half-term holiday has included not one, but two visits to the rather splendid Weston Park Museum.

I’ve been writing some materials for a school trip to the museum, hence the double visit. Yesterday, whilst I wandered around the mostly science-y bit (note use of highly technical vocabulary), checking things and bemoaning the fact […]

Double Double Vision

I’m a slow learner. I know this. I can tell from the way that I carefully repeat the same mistooks over and over again. Maybe I’m just very good at practising those errors.

Anyway, after the episode with Joe and Matt, you’d think I would have been on my guard. In a sense I was, […]

Double Vision

I’ve only gone and done it again. That’s the fourth time, no sorry, make that the fifth. Unbelievable. I am truly an idiot.

‘Done what?’ you might ask, which would be a reasonable sort of question. So I’ll tell you, but I’ll start at the beginning, I’ll start by introducing you to Joe.


Joe […]

The End

It’s almost exactly five years since I met a class of nervous looking Y6 pupils and told them that they were going to be a brilliant form group. It’s also five years since that very same group of nervous looking students stared at me as if I was a madwoman.

Where did those five years […]


Amidst all the debate and general sadness about the demise of Woolies I found an almost forgotten memory.

It came back to me, unbidden, in one of those in between moments when I was travelling from sleep to wakefulness. Not a dream, just a sudden recollection of two enormous cardboard crates and their unwanted contents.


That Was The Year That Was: December

December normally sees me looking forward to Christmas, but this year I felt strangely unfestive (I’m sure that’s not a word, but I’m sticking with it). I don’t know why really, we’re having a relaxed holiday, we’ve eaten, drunk and made merry. I’ve spent lots of time with Mr TLC, which is always good. It’s […]

That Was The Year That Was: November

Hey, I made it through a whole year of blogging. W00t!

Of course, November’s big event was taking place far from here. Barrack Obama’s victory generated a wave of media optimism, a welcome – if brief – respite from the tales of economic doom and gloom.

That Was The Year That Was: October

It’s October, so we’re going to have to stop referring to Mr TLC’s gap year. I think I’d worked out that he wasn’t going back to work several months earlier than this. He looked at the adverts in the paper, in a kind of half-hearted way, but a new job was going to mean a […]

That Was The Year That Was: September

September was the month when the world failed to end, not with a bang, but with a whimper. Which is just as well, because our continued existence allowed us to enjoy Wirksworth Festival, Transports Exceptionnels and Cabaret Boom Boom. Splendid.

from graph jam

Mind you, despite the LHC’s failure to produce any black holes, there […]