Ghosts of Christmas Past

Wrapping paper evolvedI rediscovered a misplaced memory yesterday: I suddenly remembered how my grandparents used to carefully remove the ‘seal-oh-tape’ (as they always called it) from used wrapping paper. The paper was then folded carefully away to be reused – after all, as I was always told, it was still perfectly good. This paper might resurface wrapped around a present, but it was far more likely to become part of one their many craft projects: Christmas decorations, advent calendars, paper flowers. You name it, they made it.

And what brought this recollection swimming back to the surface of my memory? A moment of self realisation: I found myself carefully removing the ‘seal-oh-tape’ from some wrapping paper. And yes, the paper was then folded carefully away to be reused. It’s still perfectly good paper, you know.

Photo: Wrapping paper evolved by waldopepper. Used under Creative Commons Licence.

2 comments to Ghosts of Christmas Past

  • I often find myself thinking/doing similar.

    And *why* do people use those £1++ ‘gift bags’ as well as having wrapped up presents?

    What’s wrong with good old carrier bags, if you must transport individual pacels in something?

  • Lois Lindemann

    I have to say, I use those gift bags quite often. I very rarely buy them though, I just keep reusing the ones that I get given.