Meet Robohamster

I’ve watched this several times now. Not entirely sure why, but it makes me LOL. Literally.

I’m also quite amazed at the level of technology that is obviously packed into this little toy: watch it change direction when it hits a corner. Clever stuff.

Will I ever lose the sense of childlike wonder that I get every time I encounter a new bit of technical wizardry? I hope not, I quite like that sense of almost magic.

2 comments to Meet Robohamster

  • Yes, I also found myself laughing out loud. Its a bit bonkers really. I like the slightly wobbly walk, which is probably more to do with poor construction than a design feature.

  • Lois Lindemann

    Yes, I suspect it is poor construction. I see that technological advances have allowed the manufacture of robohamsters that respond to corners by changing direction (some of the time), but they have the same dodgy wheels that I remember from toys in the 70s!