I fall at the first hurdle

No more play ballIt may be unpatriotic, it may even be treasonous, but I’m going to say it anyway: football bores me to tears.

I’ve no problem with other people liking it, nor do I mind the fact that almost everyone else in Eng-er-land has festooned their home/car/bicycle/cat with Eng-er-land flags, I just don’t really want to join in.

Unfortunately that may be slightly difficult, since apparently every bar, pub, living room and even my school will be showing matches.

Still, I’m always up for a challenge, so I resolved to avoid watching any of the World Cup: no sitting through it at the pub to be polite, no sitting through it at home when Mr TLC inevitably gets swept along by the national euphoria. I’m not doing this to make a big point, I just prefer to use my time for the things that I either need to do or want to do.

Tonight, on our way out of the Showroom Cinema, we stopped off to use the toilets in the bar. ‘Hmm, what’s that in the corner?’ I thought to myself. Ah, that’ll be a blooming great screen showing (yes, you’ve guessed it) the World Cup.

Something tells me my strategy of quietly ignoring it is not going to work…


Photo: No more play ball by Watchcaddy. Used under Creative Commons Licence.

2 comments to I fall at the first hurdle

  • Yorkshire Pudding

    What is wrong with you Lois? Remember that old Roy Wood song “I Wish it Could be Christmas Every Day”? Well I wish it could be the World Cup every day but without those damned vuvuzwelas blowing! Regarding the car flags – doh! This is England! Why would anyone want that plastic crap attached to their car? What’s it saying? “It may surprise you but we support England and don’t give a toss about the Earth’s resources. That’s we bought these dumb flags which will end up littering the roadside when they blow off.”