I never did like luncheon meat

I seem to have been the lucky recipient of an awful lot of SPAM comments over the last few weeks. Is there a lot more SPAM around lately? I certainly never saw this much when using Haloscan. I wonder why?

Interesting how many identical generic – but not quite appropriate – comments have turned up both here and on unrelated posts in my teacher blog. The fact that most are composed of gushing praise for my allegedly wondrous writing does not make me feel inclined to publish, quite the opposite. I am always uncomfortable with gushing praise, whether it is deserved or not. How very English of me.

Fortunately WordPress’ Askimet system is doing a splendid job of catching it all. The purveyors of luncheon meat are doing a rather less splendid job IMO. Do they think that anyone who reads that kind of comment (assuming it got published) is going to click on a link to a site that may (or may not) sell trainers, or pharmaceutical products or I dread to think what else?

Purveyors of luncheon meat please note: this blog is ad free. That includes the comments. Thank you. That is all.

4 comments to I never did like luncheon meat

  • Have you ever received the ads asking for people who want to write comments professionally? Its a bit of a ‘pop will eat itself’ scenario. People making fake blogs to advertise stuff that no-one wants and then getting people to make artificial comments to make it all seem plausible. Yuk.

    I don’t ever look at the spam that my wordpress (rashbre snapped) blog catches.

  • Lois Lindemann

    I’ve not been asked to comment, but I’ve had seemingly endless emails asking me to promote things or link to sites. Fortunately Gmail’s spam filter seems to be getting quite good at catching those.

    I’ve only been looking at the spam queue on this blog to make sure it’s not grabbing anything that shouldn’t be there. So far it seems to be leaving genuine comments well alone, so I suspect I’ll end up just leaving it to get on with it.

  • I don’t get much spam. Will does, though, but, again, not a whole lot. Maybe it’s directly related to how much traffic you get? You know, more traffic, more spam? I don’t know. WP seems to be really good at catching it before it publishes, though. At least, I’ve never seen it here. SO. There you go.

  • Ro

    Spam on my blog, when it happens, is a right royal pain. However, I quite like getting spam in my Googlemail account. For one thing, it’s always refreshing to see how well Gmail handles spam; for another, it’s always amusing to see the recipes for spam-based meals that Googlemail’s context-sensitive toolbar throws up 🙂