You know you’ve become a geek when…

The Tribute to St. Viateur's BagelsYou know you’ve become a geek when you buy bagels, not because you have a desperate urge to eat them, but because you want to try this.

Sadly, I failed. My shop-bought bagels were a tad dry and powdery. As a result they disintegrated. Then again, maybe it was just my lack of skill. Still, the birds seem to be eating them.

I think I need to learn to make bagels. In the meantime I’m busy making funny little hooped bread rolls. Don’t know if my cutting will be any more successful, but at least these will taste nice.

Photo: The Tribute to St. Viateur’s Bagels by Sifu Renka. Used under Creative Commons Licence.

5 comments to You know you’ve become a geek when…

  • As soon as I saw the picture I was thinking Mobius. Could be the next project?

  • I am excited to try this as I have some Bagels in the kitchen, I don’t have high expectations for my success.

  • Personally I’d just make a chain of linked rolls from dough…

    But, I’m not a mathmatician, I’m a person who solves problems in the easiest way 🙂

  • Ro

    And I’m more than happy to experience the whole process as a spectator, and I’ll reward the successful bagel-slicing mathematician with appropriate applause … but get me near a bagel and I don’t think I’ll have the patience to visualise much more than a slice from -X(max) to +X(max), for all valid values of Y, holding Z constant 🙂

  • I love this but though I could handle the maths, I’m left handed and terrible at cutting bread.