The Road to Nowhere

I live on the dullest road in Sheffield. It’s lovely.

My road goes nowhere, so it’s quiet.

As far as I am aware, my neighbours are unlikely to attract the attentions of any passing paparazzo, so, as I said, it’s quiet.

Which leaves me wondering why I passed a camera crew at the top of the street as I arrived home. There was a surprising amount of kit being deployed to film a serious looking journalist and background shots of my unremarkable little road.

Has something happened? On my street? Surely not. I looked around for evidence of Things Happening. There did not appear to be any.

I toyed with the idea of walking back up the road and asking, but concluded that speculation would be far more interesting. (In fact isn’t that how most journalism works 😉 ?)

Anyhoo, if our local news media are as prompt as usual, I should read all about it, probably in about two or three weeks time.

I’ll let you know.


In the meantime, the big news from the Road to Nowhere is that nothing is happening. Again. Which is fine by me.

3 comments to The Road to Nowhere

  • Yorkshire Pudding

    It was live on the BBC News – an item about house prices. They were just using your street and the panorama beyond as a backcloth. At least that is what they thought until some idiots came out of their houses to make daft signs and dance around behind the correspondent. One of them was a well-known local cat-loving Maths teacher. The GTC have been informed.

  • Lois Lindemann

    Please Sir, it wasn’t me, it was some other well-known local cat-loving Maths teacher!

  • We sometimes get the same characters walking back and forth behind the local news reports around Westminster. I think there must be a secret society. I didn’t realise they were probably maths teachers though.