One or two teething problems

Smartie TrainAmazingly, 99% of my blog-move seems to have gone without a hitch.

My main worry was that I would put off the small band of lovely people who kept visiting the old place, despite having to put up with my haphazard posting schedule, but it seems that my concerns were unfounded. I’d like to thank all of you for following the trail of Smarties and finding me here, I really appreciate it.

There’s just one fly in the ointment so far, unfortunately the links for the RSS feed for this blog are determined to misbehave. This shouldn’t affect anyone who had subscribed to the old feed – thanks to the wonders of Feedburner that has been redirected to come from this blog and seems to be working fine.

Since I’m using exactly the same theme and plug-ins as on my professional blog – where the feed is working perfectly – I’m a little mystified as to why the subscribe links from this one are so determined to behave badly, but please bear with me, I’m sure I’ll get it sorted eventually!

Photo: Smartie Train by Frogzone1. Used under Creative Commons Licence.

1 comment to One or two teething problems

  • Main teething problem for me was realising that you’ve been updating your blog – ‘cos of the “sticky” post at the top. Luckily I saw in dogwood tales that you’d updated and scrolled down…but that is probably just me.