What I did on my holidays

Watched a bike race.

Learned to make croissants and Danish pastries.

Listened to the blues whilst drinking beer at Tramlines.

Went to the seaside.

Got up early and made the most of the day.

Had a lazy lie in bed with coffee and the newspaper.

Rode a carousel.

Shared fish and chips with Jonathan Livingstone […]

Advice for my former self

I’m quite good at time travel. It’s easy, as long as you only want to go forwards 😉

Now that I’m working on the final module of my MEd, I found myself wondering what advice I would offer myself if I could travel back to the start.

1. Nothing is more important than sleep and […]

All quiet on the Sheffield front

1. I’m on holiday – woohoo! Actually I’ve been on holiday for a little while – school broke up last Thursday – but I have been hiding under a duvet and sleeping. As you do.2. I have caught, fought and mostly got rid of the traditional Christmas holiday cold. Go me. (Yes, that’s why I […]

Today’s Tweets: Chilli-ed Out

15:44 Contemplating dinner. Not sure if I can face another chilli based meal. Have been eating it since Friday, still a lot to go… #

Actually, I was wrong, we’ve been eating chilli since Thursday. Chilli and rice, enchiladas, chilli and mash, chilli and chilli. Chilli for lunch, chilli for dinner. I like chilli, […]

Just one of those days

It’s not been a bad day, there have been many good points. But it appears that I have not exactly been on the case:

I arrive at school and discover that I am wearing dark blue striped trousers and a black jacket. This is not exactly what I had in mind.(Mind you, it’s nothing compared […]

Sunday Lynx (An hommage)

The worlds biggest tiramisu Nom, nom, nom…Pumpkin carving and Happy Mathoween from Spiked MathIllegal downloaders are the big spenders. (File under obvious, unless you are a music industry executive.)Square root clock. Want.

… and finallyThe Lynx effect. There isn’t one! Who knew? Not this guy, he’s suing 🙂


Autumn Delights

Just a few choices from the box of autumnal delights:

Trees wearing fiery foliageCrunchy leaves crushed underfootCrisp mornings that make me catch my breathThe hills ablaze with heatherGinger Cat returning home for the seasonDrawing the blinds against the darknessThe kitchen smelling of mincemeat and bakingPumpkins and squash piled high at the greengrocer’s shopMy form […]

Top 5 under appreciated things about Sheffield (times two)

Last month Neil kept us all entertained with a rather splendid top 5 meme. My favourite was undoubtedly his Top 5 under appreciated things about Sheffield.

“The things that I’m going to pick are certainly appreciated by at least some people in Sheffield, but maybe not further afield. I’ve also picked some things that I […]

Of Shoes

Helly was debating how many pairs of shoes she owned the other day. Answer: 67. Wow. Go Helly!

Now I knew my total was a lot less than that, simply because I couldn’t possibly fit 67 pairs of shoes in the rather small Victorian closet that holds most of my apparel.

Mr TLC and I […]

Five to One

Five reasons why today could have been a really bad one:

1. For me, there’s only one thing that always triggers asthma symptoms. Fireworks. To say that Bonfire Night is not my favourite day of the year would be a major understatement.

2. Several days of being wrapped in fog/cloud/smog isn’t helping matters. A nice […]