Today’s Tweets: Chilli-ed Out

  • 15:44 Contemplating dinner. Not sure if I can face another chilli based meal. Have been eating it since Friday, still a lot to go… #

Actually, I was wrong, we’ve been eating chilli since Thursday. Chilli and rice, enchiladas, chilli and mash, chilli and chilli. Chilli for lunch, chilli for dinner. I like chilli, but there are limits – and we’ve gone way past them.

Anyway, here is the sum of the chilli-related wisdom that I have acquired over the last few days:

  1. Putting raw potatoes into ridiculously hot chilli does precisely nothing. (I read this somewhere, which proves nothing except that I read some dubious things.)
  2. Cooking the potatoes in the chilli results in very spicy potatoes and overcooked chilli. This wouldn’t be so bad if it was the con carne version, but overcooked vegetarian chilli is not so good.
  3. If you (like me) are dozy enough make inedibly hot chilli, then the only solution is to mix the resulting chilli of doom with an equally enormous quantity of anti-chilli. What’s that? Well it’s a big pot of tomato and vegetable stew, by which I mean that I made another ‘chilli‘, without any more of that blasted hot stuff and diluted the inedible original with it. The resulting concoction was still blooming hot.
  4. My dislike of throwing food away allows me to go way beyond my normal chilli-eating threshold.
  5. I do not want to eat any more chilli for quite some time.

Of course, having spent days eating chilli, the vegetables that were supposed to land in other meals over the weekend now need cooking sooner rather than later. There may be an Omigod Please No Not More Bloody Vegetable Lasagna post coming up soon.

3 comments to Today’s Tweets: Chilli-ed Out

  • Yorkshire Pudding

    Chilli is infinitely preferable to Argentina. Regarding food intake, ever thought of a cheese sandwich?

  • I think the idea with the spuds is to remove them again after they soak up some of the chilliness.

    I cheat with yoghurt or chocolate if I overdo chilli.

    No idea why chocolate works, but it seems to. But then I’ve been known to use custard powder in inappropriate circumstances too.

  • I always put chocolate in chilli – just a little plain chocolate. Very nice.