Only when I laugh

Does anyone actually laugh out loud when they type LOL? I wonder… I’m not laughing out loud, but I was earlier.

First LOL moment of the weekend was this: see more Lolcats and funny pictures

…but when I shared it with Mr TLC he didn’t even smile, he just looked kind of thoughtful.

“I’ve got […]

A public service post

Because everyone needs to know how to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you.

Lego Lass

I’ve been having great fun playing with Reasonably Clever’s MiniMizer, and here’s the result. Meet my rather small stunt double:I love Lego. It’s singularly good. 😉

Sunday Lynx (An hommage)

The worlds biggest tiramisu Nom, nom, nom…Pumpkin carving and Happy Mathoween from Spiked MathIllegal downloaders are the big spenders. (File under obvious, unless you are a music industry executive.)Square root clock. Want.

… and finallyThe Lynx effect. There isn’t one! Who knew? Not this guy, he’s suing 🙂


Three Legged Stalking

I looked at Blogger’s followers widget a while ago. I’d seen – and used – it on a few other people’s blogs, but I didn’t add it here. Not because I’m anti-social (that may be true, but it wasn’t the reason), but because I felt that my sidebar was already a bit cluttered, in fact […]

Minding My Own Bus-Ness

I couldn’t resist this:

Rashbre’s is here. Or make your own here.

Photo credit: Jon Worth, of (the legal stuff is here)

Tag Galaxy

I love this! *Pete posted the link to the Sheffield Flickr group and lo – I had a splendid new way to spend too much time online :^)

Just enter a Flickr tag and as if by magic a galaxy of related tags appears. Then click on the planets… Oh you get the idea.


Fast Woman

Woo – I’m fast! (But don’t tell Mr TLC)

Are you? (link via Diamond Geezer)

Paper Bag Writer

Why?1. Because Z asked so nicely, how could I refuse?2. Because the Vision On style video made me smile.3. Because I need a gift bag for a birthday present.4. Because it looks like fun!

Pictures of my efforts to follow…



I have an enormous list sitting beside me. At the top it says Things To Do This Weekend. Actually, it’s got enough tasks to keep me busy until next weekend. Most of them are Very Important and Urgent.

Just in case I am tempted to stop working on all these Very Important Tasks, I […]