Situation Vacant: Local Pub

It appears that we need to get out more.

Last January, on our annual jaunt to London, we were sitting in the pub that we like to refer to as our London local, enjoying a beer and the amazing view of the river and St Paul’s, when I had a slightly worrying thought.  We had […]

86 Jedi Knights in Crookes there are

Found them on the 2011 census website we did.

The 2011 census data site is a bit of an internet rabbit hole. Having started browsing I spent a surprisingly long time discovering data about the area where I live.

I thought the religion section was particularly interesting. There were religions I had never even […]

Full of Beanies

Once upon a time, when I first lived in Sheffield, my housemates and I were fairly regular customers at Beanies Wholefoods. Officially described as a wholefoods cooperative, it sells a wide variety of vegetarian foods and greengrocery and is an Aladdin’s cave for lovers of good food.

Despite only living a short distance away, I […]

Pastries in a Day

I have never mastered the art of folding and rolling needed to create layered pastry, so I decided that it was time to do something about that. When I spotted the Showroom Cinema’s Pastries in a Day course, I jumped at the chance. The fee of £39.95 is really good value, considering that it […]

We get Gardened Up

It’s a long time since I’ve been to a garden show, but I was intrigued by the sound of Sheffield’s brand new Garden Up event. Held in the beautiful surroundings of the Botanical Gardens and full of interesting things, it proved to be well worth a visit.

There were a few show gardens, some highly […]

Do the Borg eat grated cheese?

How do I know that Mr TLC and I are geeks? Because when we first saw this building being constructed we said “Ooh look, it’s a Borg Cube!” Obviously we followed that up with “ We are the Borg. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. Your technological and biological distinctiveness will be added to […]

A Monstrous Hedge


I’ve always liked topiary but I haven’t visited this one for a while. Yesterday we took a detour to see whether my favourite hedge monster was still in residence. As you can see, it was still there – and sporting a rather splendid bouffant hairdo. I wonder what that will be once it’s […]

Dancing with Death

Picture the scene: a real ale pub on the night that a convention/festival of morris dancers was in town. Those of us who thought we had the night off had received frantic phone calls and emergency taxis to get us to work. It was quite busy. Actually, it was insane, but in a cheerily joyous […]

A Magical Evening

Last night’s Sharrow Lantern Carnival was a magical evening. The lanterns were created by local people in a series of workshops during February and March leading up to the big event.

Everyone gathered at Mount Pleasant Park and waited for the Sheffield Samba Band to lead the procession.

Sharrow Lantern Carnival 2012 – Scenes […]

Two for Joy

We headed off for a short walk into town to buy some socks for Mr TLC. We were hoping to spot some of John Dowswell’s socks on the way, but we were out of luck. Better luck on the avian front though, with plenty of magpies on show.

I rather like the zip fastener on […]