86 Jedi Knights in Crookes there are

Found them on the 2011 census website we did.

The 2011 census data site is a bit of an internet rabbit hole. Having started browsing I spent a surprisingly long time discovering data about the area where I live.

I thought the religion section was particularly interesting. There were religions I had never even […]

A Monstrous Hedge


I’ve always liked topiary but I haven’t visited this one for a while. Yesterday we took a detour to see whether my favourite hedge monster was still in residence. As you can see, it was still there – and sporting a rather splendid bouffant hairdo. I wonder what that will be once it’s […]

Smokin’ Snowman

The first time I spotted her, she was very curvaceous, but noticeably lacking something. I idly wondered if my neighbour was sculpting Ann Boleyn, but then I spotted him making the snowball that was destined to become her head.

Her consort appeared the next day. Not sure who added the cigarette, but I think he […]

They don’t make ’em like they used to

I was impressed with the finest snowman in Crookes last year; now some of his relatives have mysteriously arrived on our street.

I liked making snowmen when I was a kid, but I never made anything like these two. Snowmenpeople with legs. And arms. Wow. And strategically placed bottles. Hmm.

Still, I think they’re […]

How Green is my City?

We’ve been doing a lot of urban rambling lately. I love the fact that I live in the city, but I’m just a few minutes stroll away from views like this:

Yesterday we took advantage of some evening sunshine and set off to amble down some of the small lanes and paths.

We didn’t go […]

There's Probably No Bus

Our roving reporter (that’s Mr TLC, who declined most emphatically when I suggested he might like to do a guest post) spotted this splendid figure of a snowman, patiently waiting for a 52 bus. Obviously our frosty friend hadn’t seen this (via @Rashbre).

He was attracting quite a bit of attention – the snowman that […]

A Tale of Two Crookes

It’s amazing what you can learn from the local news.

For example, apparently the area in which we live is awash with big gangs of students, all walking along very slowly and self consciously. We know this must be true, because although we have never seen Crookes look quite like this, we saw it on […]