Smokin’ Snowman

Snow CoupleThe first time I spotted her, she was very curvaceous, but noticeably lacking something. I idly wondered if my neighbour was sculpting Ann Boleyn, but then I spotted him making the snowball that was destined to become her head.

Her consort appeared the next day. Not sure who added the cigarette, but I think he looks rather good, huddled against the cold. Of course, I’m assuming that he is a real snowman and not just some hapless smoker who stood around for too long…

2 comments to Smokin’ Snowman

  • Ro

    One thing about snow: it does bring out the artistic tendencies.

    Outside my home was a five-foot-high model of a penis. There’s no way it was my dirty mind seeing something crude in a dodgy snowman; this was far too realistic for any mistakes.

    Unfortunately, by the time the light had returned the next day and I ventured out with my camera the head had fallen off the penis.

    And it’s not often I get to write that …