In which I am momentarily misled

PawnOnly two students at my ICT Club today, apparently I just can’t compete with all that rather exciting snowy stuff.

So there we were, chatting away, when Phoenix suddenly announced that he was creating an awesome pawn arrangement. That gave me a moment or two of mild anxiety blind panic before my brain caught up with my ears.

Phoenix later complained that several of the chess sites that he had tried to access were filtered. Evidently chess is a corrupter of young minds.

Must be all that pawn.

Photo: Pawn by All Glass Photo. Used under Creative Commons Licence.

2 comments to In which I am momentarily misled

  • Yorkshire Pudding

    I found the South Yorkshire Schools internet censoring group managed to filter out any sites which referred to Wessex though Sussex and Essex were okay. I complained three or four times and had my knuckles rapped for not going through the school’s ICT leader. Stupid people! Of course research into Thomas Hardy is virtually impossible if Wessex is barred but I think they unbarred it in the end.