I’m dreaming of a white Easter

A tad more snow than I was expecting this morning, but it looks beautiful. Think my plans for the garden may be on hold for a day or two though.

Smokin’ Snowman

The first time I spotted her, she was very curvaceous, but noticeably lacking something. I idly wondered if my neighbour was sculpting Ann Boleyn, but then I spotted him making the snowball that was destined to become her head.

Her consort appeared the next day. Not sure who added the cigarette, but I think he […]

Just a Perfect Day

Up at silly o’clock again today, planning to set out super early to get to school on time. Then a phone call, good news. No, not a snow day. (I’ve never had a snow day as a teacher, a few snow afternoons, but even they are rare, despite what you see on the news.) As […]

They don’t make ’em like they used to

I was impressed with the finest snowman in Crookes last year; now some of his relatives have mysteriously arrived on our street.

I liked making snowmen when I was a kid, but I never made anything like these two. Snowmenpeople with legs. And arms. Wow. And strategically placed bottles. Hmm.

Still, I think they’re […]

Didn't We Have A Luverly Time?

Some days are just amazing. Some days are packed full of moments to be seized and savoured; to be enjoyed to the full whilst they last and enjoyed again as they linger in the memory.

Other days are definitely more enjoyable in retrospect. Take, for instance, er… Friday 15th May 2009, the day that I […]

Snow More

Dear Mr Snow,

I don’t know quite how to put this. There’s no easy way to say it is there? It’s been fun and we’ve had some good times, but we’ve drifted apart and I think it’s time we went our separate ways.

At first everything seemed fine. I’d forgotten how attractive you are – […]

There's Probably No Bus

Our roving reporter (that’s Mr TLC, who declined most emphatically when I suggested he might like to do a guest post) spotted this splendid figure of a snowman, patiently waiting for a 52 bus. Obviously our frosty friend hadn’t seen this (via @Rashbre).

He was attracting quite a bit of attention – the snowman that […]

Snow School Today

There was a lot of talk on the news today about schools geting the day off. In fact that’s true for an awful lot of my colleagues in other local schools. (Enjoy your day off YP!)

Would I get the day off? That would be an unexpected bonus. Very unexpected in fact, because I assessed […]

Some snow, with scattered showers

Well that was quite an exciting day. And it’s not over yet.

First up: snow. There was none when we woke up. Not a single snowflake. Lots of ice though, so I decided to set off early. St Mr TLC decided to scrape the ice off the car for me. He looked out of the […]

Double Rainbow